John McCain chose a woman for a vice president

Mc Cain chose a woman for a vice president and according to the article I read about Sarah Palin; she has "more experience catching fish than dealing with foreign policy". So let's see how she will do with being the the chosen vice president. Some people around our area were shocked about hearing Mc Cain's decision because they thought he would choose Mitt Romney. However, this is quite early to make judgment, because we can never under estimate a person. People should give her a chance to prove herself. I am interested about hearing her speak; I haven't watched the news yet and saw her making her acceptance speech. Okay, this is all for now.

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Anah said...

Day Ana,

I agree with you baya na we should give Sarah Palin a chance. I heard a lot of good things about this lady. Sulti akong bana gi locked in na daw ni McCain iyahang position for President kay daghan man women muboto anang Sarah daw but know what we shall see. It's good to hear na this lady is pro-life.

Enjoy the long weekend!


Just Saying said...

I think McCain made a good decision picking Sarah Palin for VP. She seems amazing.

Delicious Corner said...

Nice Strategy. Maybe having Sarah Palin for VP, will help the Republican ticket and draw more women voters.

Ana P. S. said...

Hi everyone, thanks for all your kind comments. I agree, the main reason that McCain picked Sarah was to draw the women voters, that would be been for Hillary. So, he has a good idea there, but we will see if such will help him. Sarah seems amazing indeed-that is as far as I heard. She is good looking on top of it all...LOL. Okay, thanks to all!

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