The powerful all-in-one multimedia application

Here is one of the things I don't quite understand just yet, since I have not gone to school and studied anything related to computer. It is about what my siblings who graduated from computer programming are into lately. My sister was just asking me about what multimedia application I might know that perhaps can help her with converting an audio file. Well, I really had no idea what she was talking about and was confused by it. However, today I learned that what she is looking for is exactly this all-in-one multimedia application software I just found online. It is a downloadable software that can enable my siblings convert their audio and video files into different audio and video formats. So, how nice that I can tell them about it, and now they will have a way to get their projects and work done easily. My brother also burns CD all the time, and so, such software that helps with converting MP3 to WAV is just what he would need. It wouldn't hurt to try it because free trial is available. I wish I know more about what they do, so I can also take advantage of the free trial...LOL.

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