Barrack Obama's assasination attempt

A few people already tried to assassinate Barrack Obama. It didn't take long, he is not even a president yet. That says a lot that some people can't accept him just because he is part "Black" as they say-he was fathered by an African descent man. So now his life is at stake because he chose to run for president. I find it sad that people can be so brutal because of the race issue, but I am thankful that the world is not as uncivilized as those in the old days anymore. People are behaving much more respectful of one another compare to what happened long time ago where if someone happens to not like you; you are dead. The people back in those days were hard to deal with, but now it is a little easier. Anyway, I am glad to be apart of this generation and able to see the world as it is. I hope Barrack Obama will be safe and wish him well for what he does trying to make a difference in this country we share now. As for such news source; I read it online and heard it from my husband, you may read his blog entry about it as well if you wish.

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