We are buying a house for our parents

It's the opposite in my country that we are buying a house for our parents, but yes, that is because we are better off. Over here, most parents buy a house for their children, but then again, it is because they are rich. So we are just the opposite back home. Oh, well, that is life in a poor country and when you are poor. Anyway, Nora and I are buying a house, we are going halves on it; I mean we share all the costs. My brother in law Nora's husband made it all possible since he is putting up the money for Nora's half and for mine. Only, of course, I pay my brother in law back for my share. How nice because he is willing to help and that is one of the best things about having a brother in law who is kind enough to do so. We are all happy that we will finally have a house in the city. Before we can only rent and way back then lived on a farm and small village. We own a farm and a good size house there but my parents decided that it is time to upgrade...LOL. Really, it is because my siblings can only go to college in the city nearby. If it is not that my siblings will need a place to stay in the city for a long time. We would not have to feel like we need to buy a house in the city. We all like it though since whoever can visit home will have a place to stay and save the money from having to get a hotel room that costs just too much. Yes, too much when you don't have a lot of money to spare.

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