Friday is our dining out time

My husband will either buy something out today or we go out for dinner. I used to go halves when I was making a good amount of money online, but now not having a page rank slowed me down and that I am often bored. Also we are buying a house for my parents, so there it goes my money...LOL. Oh, well, that is life of someone who dreamed something big instead of being contented for what she can have at home. That makes me one of the ambitious Pinays...LOL. Anyway, in our situations, there is no way to win, you know. Imagine that you struggle so much living in a poor country and when you leave for another, you still struggle because then you are carrying the burden of your whole family. Where is the life in that? Neither situation will give you a break at all, it is like "a double or nothing deal". Life is definitely difficult when you don't have a lot of money. According to my husband, it's money that keeps people upbeat, meaning happy, though others view it as love conquers all. Well, okay, you have love but can hardly survive, who's happy then? You struggle everyday, you work hard but get very little money out of your hard work, you worry about where your next meal is going to come from, how to feed your children, and how you are going to give them a bright future. The only way it seems, is to be rich! When you have money you only have to fear for your life then...LOL. So yeah, we all want some money but not too much as to the point that we have to have body guards surrounding us everywhere we go, because there is no life there either. How can you be happy if you constantly have to worry about something? I guess it is better if you are only financially able, if you have a lot of money, don't show it, don't look like you have a lot so you have nothing much to worry about. Alright enough of my riddles and redundant ramblings. It's Friday, we are going somewhere.

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