Michael Phelps made America proud!

Michael Phelps
I watched Michael Phelps in his race swimming, and according to his body measurements and ability he is like a human speed boat. Wow, he is a fast swimmer, and I was just joking with my husband saying that "if you swim with Michael Phelps as your opponent, you might as well forget it as you don't stand a chance"...LOL. See, he is built for speed because of his big upper body and small lower body; he has short legs which are good for speed. When my husband watch Michael Phelps racing, boy, he could not help to say "Power it!". He certainly made history winning so many gold medals. Imagine he won 8 gold medals-that's a lot! He definitely took the swimming world by storm. He is one of the greatest! By the way, while I was looking for a photo of him, I found his official website in case you would also like to see more of him. People have to live and learn, and pay attention to what works; just like with Michael Phelps, you have to be built like him to make it in the swimming world or be a fast swimmer-at least that is what they say. My say is that he is a great swimmer period, and that he is such an adorable and sweet looking young man-especially when he is swimming...LOL. He looks sharper when in the pool wearing his swimming gears and all; he just looks gorgeous-I think so anyway.

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