Nobody called me for a job

No job for me until now. I applied for a job to a few places so far but never received a call. So I guess I am going to be just home bound for a while. What makes it difficult is the fact that I am lacking the educational background and the ability to drive, or even have my own car. I don't really like working somewhere unless I have my own car and able to go places all on my own. Relying on someone for transportation is no good. However, if I ever get a job I would have to do what I've got to do so I can improve my life and do the things I wished I can someday. As for now, I will keep trying and see if there is room for me to work at all. My life is hectic though I only have two children to look after, but then, it is a job, you know. In life I can only do what I can and do the best I can, so I'll see what happens next. I hope good things will come my way.

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Anah said...

Hello Anna,

Patience is a virtue. Soon naa jud mutawag nimo. Did you apply online ba or you submitted your resume via mail? What do you mean when you said.. lacking of educational background? Kay if you have GED; you are fine man. Others will look for previous experienced tingali pero depende pud sa job description :)

Basta, keep praying- it'll come jud. Just doing my visit dinhi :)

Ayo ayo ka diha.

Good luck and keep me posted sa imong job hunting.

God Bless,


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