I won't chase the page rank anymore

This is another tag about increasing blogs' rankings in the search engine. Well, I do hope this helps even though I have been noticing that you can have a dormant blog and get a page rank anyway...LOL. I noticed that because my siblings started a blog and then stopped updating and still their blogs received page ranks. Now that goes to show you that not everyone that works hard with increasing their rankings will be rewarded. This page rank issue is becoming silly because one could be just playing having a blog posting silly and nonsense posts and still get a page rank...LOL. That is why I stopped working hard with trying to get a page rank and decided to just let the chips fall where they may. I got tired of chasing the page rank here and finally gave up on it. Okay, folks, thanks for visiting here. See yah around!

The tag that Nita passed on to me is below...thanks Nitz!

Most website owners and bloggers wants to improve their search engine rankings. So what is backlinks? Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page or a blog. In the search engine optimization (SEO) world, the number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page through other measure such as the pagerank. Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links. The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of the website or blog. Back links are very important and they help increase your blog or site’s ranking. You might also noticed that pages with back links are fast indexed by search engines and this will increase the number of back links to your main web site automatically. The more back links that show up on the web the higher your website will be ranked in the search engines, that’s why backlinks very important.

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To participate:
1. Copy this post starting from the ***Start Copy Here*** to ***End Copy Here*** 2. Add your blog to the list below. If you have more than one blog, do the same to all of your blogs so your other blogs will be listed to the master list as well. 3. Post a comment on the original post here so that I can update the list with your link. 4. Be sure to come back and copy the master list back to your site. This process will allow late-comers to get as much link benefit as the first ones in. Enjoy and God bless!
1. Nita’s Random Thoughts 2. Nita’s Corner 3. Nita’s Ramblings 4. My Wandering Thoughts 5. Batuananons 6. Bohol Paradise 7. Thomas Travel Tales 8. Thomas Web Links 9. Great Finds and Deals 10. Make Money Online 11. Filipino Online Community 12. Arts and Entertainment Center 13. Erlinda’s Wandering Thoughts 14. Entertainment News and Beyond 15. Gagiers Striking Zone 16. Gagiers Amazing World 17. Kusina ni Gagiers 18. My Life, My Fashion, My World 19. Caroland's Breathtaking Adventure 20. EARNING money while you online!! 21. Anygen's Journey 22. Ultimate Food Cooking Guide 23. SuperNova & SweetPain 24. There's no place like home 25. A Fathers Life Online 26. Vogt Family Blog 27. Ana's Cyber Retreat 28. Add your URL here!

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I tag whoever is interested in particpating in this search engine ranking importance, help yourself peeps!

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