We need a few things to get our Xbox 360 working

My husband's son moved to Colorado Springs and left an Xbox 360 System with us-he actually gave it to us. Well, we tried to use it for our daughter, but then since we are not familiar with it, it took us a while to figure out how it works. The only problem is that, it is missing a few things like accessories, and, course, more games. As for now, we will shop around and compare prices I am glad though that I found a website where we can do just that. We are able to find out more information that we need and learn that it is more reasonable to buy from such site compare to the others we have seen so far. I also found a buying guide like this Video Game Console Buying Guide. I find the Xbox systems expensive but to the gamers who are so into it, Xbox games are so worth it. Xbox games are so popular to not just young people but also to adults as old as my brother law; he does love those online arcade games. He loves playing his games on his laptop, but those games I guess are much different from what Xbox games offer. My husband's grandson is so good at playing the Xbox games. A lot of people are addicted to such games, you know. Also, it is not at all complete without a functional controller like this Sixaxis controller, that is the newest controller available today-the modified version of the one before it, which is what need.

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