Don't let anyone get away with prank calling you

Isn't it annoying to receive a phone call only for someone to listen to your voice? I had that happen just yesterday and I find it really irritating. My husband and I actually had trouble in the past when he was still working because someone called us home mysteriously. At first, I heard a voice that sounded like an intoxicated man's voice but then when I decided to hand the phone to my husband, a woman's voice came on the line. The woman was saying something to my husband that I didn't care for. I know that because we just happened to record such call in case it was a prank call. Now that is what I consider a situation that calls for a reverse phone lookup service. I actually found just the website where I am able to look up any phone number for free and it is with CallerBase; a reverse phone lookup service that provides people free information about the caller's Area Code, State, County, City, Line Type, Phone Carrier, and most of all-if they put up the money to get it-the caller's Name and Address. The fact that it is free for anybody to look up a phone number there is already a privilege. However, like I said, it will cost some money if you go as far as acquiring the name and address. Looking up a phone number will at least give you an idea of the caller's location, even a county and city, so you are literally only one step closer to finding out who called you for real. What a deal!

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