It's almost time for trick or treating

Hi everybody, how's life? Wow, it will be Halloween soon. I will have to start digging the closet for some scary outfit to wear. Well, maybe not. I will need to actually find a Halloween outfit that I can wear, or perhaps I should wear what I wore last year, since we lost the pictures we took. It's too bad because I didn't even retrieve the ones I wanted. No more jumping to conclusion again for sure (why is that, because I didn't realize what I was doing and reformatted our computer in the process). We usually learn from experience. Only some people don't seem to get it and repeat their mistakes...LOL. They got burned once and they want to get burned again. I guess since life is all about taking chances; we all have problems. How else would we know unless we try, and that is exactly what I thought when I made the decision about getting married early in life...LOL. Now I know though, but yeah, it is kinda forever that you will be grounded once you are married. That is because when you have children you need to stay put especially if you don't have a lot of money, like me I supposed. So, that is just with me anyway eh.
Okay enough of this random blabbering. I got lost for a while there as I initially started talking about Halloween. My plan is to find outfits for the three of us; Tiana, Hannah, and me. We will be trick or treating this Halloween and Tiana is very excited. So, here, I will have to think about what we want to be this year. Tiana doesn't really know what she wants to be, so I will help her out. As for my husband; he doesn't bother participating since he is not into it. But it is a good thing that he takes us trick or treating; otherwise we would only be home bound as if not already always. I am immobile, so you can imagine how boring it is for me. I should get used to the idea by now since it is almost 10 years that I have not been able to learn how to drive...LOL. Moreover, I haven't done anything like that at home, so why should it be different. What is hindering me is not being able to save a lot of money really, I have got to stop spending my molah to make things happen I tell you. Indeed that is what I intend to do next, hopefully.

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