The 1st heated presidential debate

First off, when Barrack Obama became the presumptive nominee for the Democratic presidential candidate people said that "it is the very first time to have a U.S. presidential candidate ever that is of African American descent"-though not exactly as he is half Caucasian which makes him biracial. So that is bringing something new to the table which will be interesting for sure. On the other hand, if Hillary was the one who won it; she would have been just as fine because the U.S. never had a woman presidential candidate running before either." Anyway, that is a little off topic and kinda late for me to talk about but I still want to include it here. I am getting involved in this politics since I have been hearing that it counts to vote and it counts to pay attention as to what is going to happen that can affect our lives. Moreover, I like politics because the debates are interesting to me.
By the way, I watched the 1st presidential debate, and people said that Barrack lost, as he didn't say a lot with presenting his ideas other than that he kept agreeing with John McCain. However, some say that he, in fact, did very well. When he agreed with John McCain people thought he couldn't come up with his own ideas and doing so put him in a situation where people would say that he doesn't know much. Now this election is definitely interesting in which two parties are arguing over who may not be able to handle the job being a commander of chief. That is tough I would imagine and the two parties have something for people to compromise. They can either vote for McCain who chose a VP that is said to be "inexperienced" or vote for Barrack Obama who's been criticized for also being inexperienced. Now the problem is; people are mostly afraid that if something happens to John McCain, it will all be a mess. Boy, that is scary, and so, the American people will definitely have to get a grip and make a tough decision this coming election about which party is more balanced to make it in the office. We'll see because only the voters can say that, unless one of these nights I have a dream about who won already. I had a dream about President Bush before that "he won" you know, that is why I am curious if I dream this year.

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