Happy Halloween!!!

We just arrived from going trick or treating. The weather wasn't so bad, so we had a fun time as usual. We just didn't get to take a lot of pictures though, my husband is not really into picture taking; a snap from one scene to another is enough. So, I don't often have a lot of pictures to share. I tried to take some more pictures but my husband was rushing (we were running late), so I couldn't just hang around taking pictures. Anyway, I hope the rest of you out there had as much fun and took enough pictures to be able to share with the people that care. It's fun to capture the special moments we make in life, and taking pictures during the holidays just makes it more fun. Okay, this is all for now. Have fun everyone!!! I apologize for not returning your greetings at Friendster because I couldn't get through for a couple of nights now. I guess I am left behind for doing things the last minute. Perhaps the holidays over saturated the server with people logging in all at once which in the process; Friendster must have ran out of bandwidth.

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

sauna, gagmay pa ang mga bata, naa gyd mi ani kanunay, bisan tugnaw,

karon wa na, kay cla ra man adto sa ilang mga parties, kauban sa ila mga freinds..........

maayong buntag, syo ko ug laag......may oras man

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