Tonight is the night!

I am not talking about anything else but the presidential debate that is. Indeed, and you know I heard that John McCain is going to go through with character attacking Barack Obama tonight. Well, we will see about how far he is willing to go. Usually John McCain is a man of integrity but if he does something out of his character; a lot of people will lose respect for him. By the way, I read a lot of blogs online and noticed that not all women are going for Sarah Palin, just because John McCain chose her for a VP so to draw women voters-it is not working as well as anticipated I’m afraid. Most people I know are quite apprehensive about the fact that if something happens to John McCain she will be president and what is going to happen then? She is after all; a heartbeat away from it. That is why the American people are so in tune and concerned about what is going to happen to America if John McCain won the presidency, because his VP is not as ready as she think she is to be a vice president let alone a president of the most powerful nation on earth. There are celebrities (such as Matt Damon and Sharon Osbourne) and people in the media (like Jack Cafferty and Bill Maher) breaking their silence and say what they feel about Sarah Palin. They detest her to even be running as a VP, because why would someone like her be qualified to run a country when she has only been a Governor for 2 years (not to mention she has small children to worry about especially her little one who's got a down syndrome-the poor baby has to travel with mommy all over the place). What is she going to bring to the table other than being a woman? What most people think is that the main reason why she was chosen to be a VP in the first place is to draw in Hillary’s voters. However, it doesn't seem like it is helping! People said "Boo!" to her when she dropped the puck for a hockey game, a good thing that the musicians turned down the volume to not make it so obvious. Only perhaps she read what the sign that somebody was holding there saying "I can see the end of your political career from my house!"...LOL. I just grabbed the picture somewhere on the net-it's hotlinked.

Sarah Palin Photo

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