We have to be more vigilant in the Philippines in pursuit of justice

Today I woke up earlier than usual. I didn't exactly want to get up but since I was awaken by a dream related to my uncle, I just decided not to go back to sleep. I got a headache though because of my being lack of sleep. I need to try to sleep early tonight for sure. I hope I can make up for all my sleep debts because I have had so many nights where I couldn't sleep very well. I often have trouble sleeping due to my aching hip joints and back. It's awful and it is making me grow old so fast; oh, I am deteriorating.
As for my beloved uncle who was brutally murdered, it has already been 3 years and still there is no justice for him. It makes us all feel hopeless that the justice system in the Philippines just takes forever. The law enforcement is the same as there is no any kind of developments in order to apprehend the three murder suspects that fled-they are still on the loose all this time. My family and I are really growing tired of what is happening; the fact that nothing is "happening". It is really disappointing I tell you. We have to take actions in terms of helping out with getting those murder suspects accounted for. I am trying to put up a reward for those who can lead to their arrest. I don't have a of money but I hope it will be enough to motivate people back home to come forward if they know anything about their whereabouts.
Anyhow, at the moment I am watching the last presidential debate. I never really paid attention to the election in the past between President W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry, but now I am more involved because I think this is a one of a kind election yet. However, this is only the second election that I am able to catch since I came to the U.S.A. I am still in the learning process about everything, and when it comes to election; I don't want take sides because I prefer to be an independent voter if ever I can register to vote. I will vote for the policy I agree with or believe in. Okay, this is all for now, my headache is getting worse and I have work to do. See yah!

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