Let's enjoy blogging in peace peeps

Blogging is certainly interesting especially with us; Philippine people, because I have read so many complaints about how others can be so hurtful with their comments. Well, sometimes we can never be too careful, moreover we don't know what the other person on the other side is thinking. However, I learned that if I am going to have an open book diary, I have to be willing to accept all comments. That is why my blog is out in the open. We all have to be sport really, but then who am I to be such an authority on that. Well, I am simply saying that the blog world was provided for us to be able to interact, share opinions and ideas, but nothing should be taken literally or too seriously that a little thing becomes a big thing. We can't just welcome the good things but also welcome the bad things that come with being in public. It goes on with the celebrities, too, you know; they need the camera in the beginning then they no longer need it when they finally made it. So, if you are going to be in the public eye; expect that the paparazzi are going to follow you around. You really don't have a lot of privacy if you are an interesting person...LOL.
As for blogging, we can't always make our visitors say what we want to hear or be as sensitive to our feelings as possible since they could have a completely different point of view. Some comments though can wake us up and I learned from that. I was attacked once about how I look, my appearance but hey, I always hold on to the fact that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so no one can really break my spirit not unless I let them. If we feel beautiful, that is because we learned to love and accept ourselves in spite of what people say. We are a freak of nature and after all, beauty is only skin-deep. We can't generalize nor categorize people because we can't under estimate a person's power. As adults let's try to act like we are. When it comes to English, don't assume because you might just be wrong. Nothing is what it seems. No one is better off if we are talking about coming from the same background in which English is only our second language...LOL. Imagine if we already struggle just learning how to speak our very own language, how much more with speaking a language that we were not born to speak?
Now you see you shouldn't be so quick to judge others when you have yourself to judge first. Sharing an idea or opinion is one thing but taking something personally is another-taking it out of context. Anyway, this is actually a post inspired by a comment I was just reading (this is not an attack) this is only a reminder that we blog not to find enemies, not to cause trouble but to have fun and be sport about things we all share in common. We can't take our attitudes online, we can show it but since we live in a more civilized world now; violence is no longer tolerated. If you can't handle how people will see your situation and in case they won't understand you, then I suggest that you keep it to yourself. There is no place for those who can only welcome comments that puts them in the fantasy world when, in fact, we live in the real world. Although please be respectful and considerate if you can not to be so personal. If you have nothing good to say it is best to say nothing at all. Okay, have fun blogging!!!
On the lighter note: We are all beautiful and special in our own way...and just like this saying goes "Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it". We can't control how something or someone should look because we have no control over as to how nature takes its course-we are powerless there.

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Ana P. S. said...

We all see things in a different light, therefore we all have different conclusions and perceptions. Our perspectives are not the same since we all live under different circumstances. We all have to understand that our actions effect everything we do in life, so ultimately we pay the price. However, you can't just utterly set your rules when you put something in the open up for grabs. Be reasonable and be sport! One can't even have an opinion and I personally find it rediculous.

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