Save time even if you type fast

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred
One of the things that slow me down when it comes to writing is the fact that I type too slow; using only a few fingers to type. Well, I am not very good at typing for sure and I have actually been wishing I don't have to type at all. Just like with what I saw on TV before and this Dragon Naturally Speaking that has the voice activated command power to create a document, e-mail, and even surf the web. So that makes it easy for people that can't often type fast and spell correctly because all they have to do is dictate and what they say is written as is only better since they don't have to worry about spelling out their words. See the Dragon Reviews or watch the videos here as examples to find out more about how efficient it works. I think that is very convenient and easy to use. Imagine what else you can do with the time saved by having it. I would want to see about getting it because I know it can help me save time and hassle from having to type and having sore fingers at the end of the day. I can spend more time with my children with all the time in my hands if I have it. Why spend all day creating a document when it can be done in minutes anyway. I like that and you know nothing can compare because just take a look at my speed typing test result below. Perhaps you would like to see for yourself by taking the Dragon’s typing speed test! It is fun and you can find out about how you can improve your speed. By the way, there are two versions to choose from as you can choose either a PC or MAC version, but as for me, I would pick the PC version because my family and I prefer Windows Vista.

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