The kind of debate that never ends

I let almost the whole week go by here without posting any updates; I guess I just got a little distracted somehow. Sometimes, I am not in the mood to blog, so I don't bother jotting anything down. I also debated with my parents...LOL, about some personal matters. It was actually about God and the Scientists studying evolution and how everything came about. I find it interesting to share some of the things I learned about evolution and science but then what do my people know. It's really hard to educate my people since they know nothing about science, they couldn't grasp anything scientifically. In fact, I often have trouble getting them to understand what I am talking about, because eh, I can't get through to them. Also, when it comes to science they don't seem to want to listen since they believe that God made it all happen, so there is no place for science at all. They accept things as is and everything is automatic with God; it only takes magic after all. It makes me laugh sometimes, but I have an open-mind to consider the possibilities. I also have so many questions to ask God with when I see him someday-that is if he ever exists. Most of us would like to hope so anyway especially when we have loved ones whose lives were cut short or died before their time. It would be too bad if God is only an illusion and that the bible was only created for make believe stories. By the way, do you know that the Scientists are only one-step closer to finding out the truth? We need a closesure; an answer to the question we all ask "Is there God?” Well, we will see how far humans can go eh.

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Clyde said...

well, i just want to let you know that i haven't added your links in my site for the past few days due to some problems that i've encountered in my site, henceforth, such was already fix and rest assure that ur blog will now be added...anyway, tnx a lot and hope 2 hear from you soon... God Bless...

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