Make extra money by being an extra in a movie

This is it a chance for some of us who aspires to be one of the shining stars in Hollywood to be in the movies. Well, don't we all at one point in our lives think about how nice it would be to be rich and famous like the celebrities? I always wonder about how fun it must be to be able to go shopping anytime I want to, buy the things I want like designer wardrobes, out of this world vehicles, own a luxury home, and have people catering to me...LOL. I actually didn't dream to be in a spotlight (though if I had the height and looks surely I would aspire as one of the Hollywood stars for sure) but still if given a chance I couldn't see why not. Now perhaps I can see about becoming one of the movie extras that Talent6 are seeking (anyone is welcome from age 18-85 and from anywhere in the country). I would not mind being in the background of the actual actors and actresses since that is as far as I can get. Not to mention I can at least get a glimpse of them in person. So I would love to be an extra for a movie especially when I get paid $100.00 to $300.00 dollars a day. By the way, if you are someone who aspires to be an actress or an actor here is what I can tell you that it begins by making a phone call to this toll free number: (800-493-9047) to talk with a portfolio manager for your chance to get casted as an extra in a movie. If you have what it takes you might even get discovered and soon enough you'll be one of Hollywood's brightest stars as to say you just never know.

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