It's getting down and dirty with John McCain's campaign

Indeed, it is getting ridiculous to the point that they could cause a riot. They are playing a dangerous game that incites anger towards the opposing candidate. Perhaps it is because of John McCain's desperation that he has his VP spreading rumors about Sen. Barack Obama (heads up peeps; he just happens to have a Muslim name but that doesn't make him a terrorist yah know). Their getting down and dirty style campaign led some of their supporters to shout "treason" and "traitor" and worse of all a man actually shouted "Kill him" and a woman saying "Off with his head" which in the process puts Barack Obama in danger. Anyway, in spite of how uncivilized people are getting about this 2008 presidential election, I find it fun to listen to both Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain debating; it's heating up between them for sure. I also enjoyed the vice presidential debate and think that Joe Biden did very well with getting all his ducks in a row, I mean he had it together, because, of course, he knows more than Sarah Palin does. Gov. Sarah Palin didn’t even answer some of the questions she was asked, so that didn’t help her much as she only kept going back to what she already said. My, she can certainly make people laugh by saying a lot of things that don’t really make sense…LOL, just like what she was saying during her interview with Katie Couric. People found it damaging and hilarious that Saturday Night Live actually made a video of Tina Fey again for the second time portraying Gov. Sarah Palin, and the same with Amy Poehler. Now if you haven’t seen the SNL video, I made sure that I have a copy here, so view it below. You will get a kick out of it if you're with me…LOL.

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