It's Election Day!!!

It's finally Election Day and you know we are all excited about who's going to win it. My husband is anxious because this is it, the most awaited day to find out who our new president will be. Oh, the anticipation...LOL. By the way, Barack Obama won in my dream; I mean he was leading with a score of 111 while John McCain scored 110-he came in second which means Barack Obama could very well come out a winner in this presidential election. According to my dream they came in so close as in neck to neck in the vote count tally-my dream was vivid enough for me to remember the details. Perhaps that is what's going to happen that John McCain won't be so far behind if indeed Barack Obama will win it. This is after all the one of a kind election in which some people vote for the candidate of their same skin-color. There is no doubt because there are still people that believe in racial superiority and so it is like "birds of a feather flock together". It kinda sad but that is what's happening, those kinds of people that think so are still around and it has been proven by a number of failed assassination attempts. What also triggered for things to get worse was also because of allegations without proof. People are so cruel and unfair; they should give someone the benefit of the doubt.
Personally, I don't mind Barack Obama to be the new president because he is not only a man of intellect but also a man of integrity as I observe him in his words and how he carries himself. He is calm and diplomatic in his ways which would help him with getting the job done smoothly. It takes a level headed person to settle things down and not by raging emotions. A lot of people think Barack Obama have what it takes to be a president for he is confident and quite charismatic. It's about time for CHANGE indeed and not more of THE SAME...yahooh!!! Anyway, let's see if my dream will come true. My dreams do foretell what the future holds and even tell me what happened in the past if there is something that I should know about. That is the beauty of having a psychic ability. I actually appreciate it because it can help me, only I already failed with my uncle. Now I vow to always treat my dreams significantly that I have to pay attention because they serve as premonitions. I can no longer ignore my dreams since a lot of very real things happened in the past because I didn't take them seriously. Alright, this is all for now. Peace to all!

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