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When it comes to making a story interesting we all prefer it to at least have a picture included. Pictures make a story come alive. That is why children prefer to open a book with loads of pictures to see. However, online it is a different story because you can't just assume something unless it is credited to whom it is due. Indeed you can't always just go ahead and collect pictures to share on your blog/website without obtaining the owner's permission-that is unless you are certain that they are for free taking. What I mean is they are not protected by a copyrighted law. You see a lot of people have been sued for grabbing pictures that don't belong to them and for sharing stories that are not theirs. Those who know better; never share a story without the author's written consent at hand, as there is no excuse for ignorance in court. Now nobody wants that which is why somebody thought of a way around it, or so to avoid getting in trouble for plagiarism with web-contents. Let me share it with you. As a blogger I always want to make my post interesting by adding a picture but sometimes I just don't have the time to go through all the hassles involved; editing, resizing, etc. So do you know that there is a website that offers great quality blog pictures up for grabs? Well, if you haven't you should check it out because you are definitely missing the benefits that come with being able to share pictures on your blog/site without worrying that you are infringing. I tell you that is the way to blog! It is so convenient because all you have to do simply copy and paste the code in adding a picture to your post. See the picture below for an example.

Blog Pictures
I chose the picture of a Sweet Chestnut because I love Chesnuts especially when it's almost time for me to roast them again...LOL.

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