This is for all the bloggers playing with fire

Do you know that you are liable for making false allegations or accusing someone of something that may not be true? Yes, if you out there seems to enjoy harassing other bloggers; be warned that you can get into serious trouble. You could pay a fine if to say the blogger decides to take legal action against you. Nothing is impossible if you have violated the law even online. All it takes is for a forensic computer expert to find out who you really are, you know. Nothing can pass those who know the way to trace your steps. You can discuss and argue your point without having to actually go to the extreme of literally hitting people below the belt. So always remember that there is no excuse for ignorance in court! You see, publicly humiliating someone even if true could cost you a serious amount of money. You can be sued for "Slander" or "Defamy" when you are hurting them socially or mentally. That is why you must better be very careful. Although you can comment anonymously all you want, you will still never get away. You can run but you can't hide! This is America where you will be punished soon enough if you step out of line.
By the way, how dare you accuse us of something so asinine!!! Did you ever-for a moment-consider that we have children to worry about? My children are my top priority which is why I have been so patient all these years. Indeed, they come first with me. I did not even want to go back home for a visit without them, or unless they are old enough for me to feel secure that they will be alright without me. Now matters such as what you are accusing us of, is playing with fire; very dangerous. It would be a Federal Offense, and just who on earth would want to spend the rest of their lives behind bars anyway? Moreover, we love life and enjoy living it up. Life is much too precious to waste it over nothing. Money might be part of what makes people happy, but it is nothing as far as I am concerned if compared to my family. It is only material and it can be earned anytime I wish to do so. I don't worry about money as I am more worried about my children and their well being. That is simply impossible for people to do something unlawful if they have children. It is way out of the question and not even worth talking about.
I tell you, opening your big mouth could cost you one of these days especially when you hit the wrong person. Anyway, I hope that you guys learned your lessons as well as I have knowing that there are so many people up to no good online. Let this experience be an example of what can happen. If this isn't a lesson learned for you to never cause any more trouble in the future, then you will be sorry. If you don't try to watch your step you might just stumble and fall, because surprise it's too late! That is why you should think twice the next time you feel like bringing somebody else down. You just never know if someone will take you to the cleaner-it could take all that you have. It is not worth it, okay? Take my words for it, but if you decide to continue your wrong doing please make certain that it won't cost you.

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Ana P. S. said...

I tell you anonymous attackers of mine. What you did to my husband and me here is way out of line; humiliating to us in which you would be scratching your head right now if we pursued you for your claim/s. You went beyond your boundary. You had no right to treat us bad at all/attack us below the belt. You were being very dirty and I was surprised at you! How could you be so mean to your fellow Filipina? I thought I could feel comfortable around you guys but you proved me wrong. You only showed your true colors here. I know I am not perfect either but you definitely went ballistic on me for over nothing. Now if you couldn't settle things down by talking in a pro-active manner. I advise you to take it somewhere else other than my blog. Don't bother with me then, because all you are going to do is get yourself into serious trouble. That is it; I am warning you whoever you are. You better be careful with your words and allegations without proof. You are also putting words in my mouth-things I've never said on my blogs. You are not welcome here if you can't be civilized. I don't deserve all your accusations and for you to lash out on me like you did. What did I actually do to you to make you act so wild? As for being on welfare, I need not to explain any further since you should already know by now that we are not-read my journal for it. All I can tell you is; we can do whatever we please, can live life the way we wish, and have everything we need for now. One more thing, we would not be doing what we do now making money online, etc. without knowing that we can in the first place. You couldn’t possibly take chances when you have children involved. As for my being a big loser, well, just so you know. I can do whatever I decide to do in my life and please know that it is not anything of your concern. Once again, I am not about to alter my life for you. I do things at my own pace. I make my own decisions and not because I am being dictated or that you are taunting me. Okay, keep out if you can't stand the way I preach on me blogs. That is all I ask of you. It's time to back off!

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