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I have read people speaking out about how wrong the Democratic Policies are because it is "stealing money from those who worked so hard for it." Well, I thought I should also speak up in contrary since I don't agree with what they are saying. We all have disagreements really and so I want to share my two cents here. You see, I have seen so many people suffered in the past and still as we speak they are struggling; worrying how they are going to survive since they couldn't find a job. If there are no jobs around, and if there is no help available, common sense will tell us that they would simply starve to death-that is if they can't manage to steal or commit crimes and/or they couldn't bring themselves to beg people for money or food to be able to get by everyday while they have no job. America used to be full of opportunities but not anymore since the creation of NAFTA. It's a good thing that there is a so called "Unemployment Insurance" and "Social Security" benefits in which you can work while you are an able-bodied individual and claim it at a later age and be able to live life like you should especially when you are hanging on to the last chapter of your life. The temporary financial assistance is really helpful in terms of supplementing your income while you are out of work. It helps you to get by until you get another job (some people can only live paycheck to paycheck because not everyone can afford to be Doctors that makes whopping big bucks...LOL). That is the beauty of being an American and living in America; everyone is taken care of. Nobody is left out in the cold to starve and die-Americans are compassionate people. It has been proven by the products that Wal-Mart sells-I heard-everything is made in China...LOL. There is no business owner that would not like that idea as imagine they can make more money by employing people who will work as hard as the Americans only they can be paid less than the Americans-that is what happened. Now speaking of "Tax Break" for low income families and what it means. I just couldn't consider it stealing because I look at it as if "we are in a classroom where we normally have classmates that are slow learners in which we are required to help tutor them, teach them to be able to catch up to us that are way ahead." Therefore in my opinion; the Government is only taking necessary steps to prevent a catastrophe such as extreme poverty to the point where people especially children starves to death (like what is happening in the third world)-even when collecting cans is possible...LOL. It's like they say "It's better to be safe than sorry" kinda situation that a safety measure must be taken in order to be prepared-it serves as a safety net. By the way, let's not forget that the Republicans also have their own way of doing it, that according to what I've heard; they operate just the opposite...LOL. That is all, because it is as simple as that to me since we all have different levels of intelligence. Perhaps I am just not getting it...ahohoy! So if I sound foolish to you, I couldn't blame you for we all see things in a different light. It is like running for president after all wherein we win some and lose some; we can't win or please everybody. Anyway, I guess I have democratic principles because I am liberal. I am not as conservative as my fellow Filipinas anymore ever since I left home. In addition to that I am no longer under the influence of my people (speaking of my family) that are deeply religious and live by the book. I am just my own person. I usually have trouble pairing up the real things and the imaginary things. They somehow don't go together to me-that is from how I see them.
As for the abortion issue that Barack said "Babies are punishment". Well, below is one of the good answers I found so far that somebody said on YouTube.
"Punished; Having a hard time taking care of a baby, most likely dropping out of school and since you guys don't have a working welfare state, she must most likely work 2-3 jobs and hire a nanny to help her.

And that has nothing to do with being a Christian, except if you mean "American Christian" I.E. Not Christian, but Stupid."

Abortion is like drugs, people will do it even if it is made illegal. The fact that most people are Christian they still can't impose their belief on other people who may have a completely different belief. Technically it is none of our business what somebody decides to do with his/her body even life. It is not a one-size fits all. Sure, it is wrong to us who looks at it wrong, but since we are not in their situation, we just couldn't do anything. Life is all about the choices we make and we are what we choose to be. Indeed, just like what the saying goes "Life is not full of DOs and DON'Ts but it is full of your own choices." Alright then, I am done with this topic, peace to everyone! We all can see and think for ourselves further more "Only we know what is best for us", so let's try to do the right thing eh. For those of you who are religious that believes in the man upstairs, may I remind you that if "It is not God's will" no matter what people do, wherever they may be, etc. nothing will happen at all because it is believed that "everything is in God's hand". So, think of it as even when the person say do this and do that, nothing will happen if God does not allow it. That is to reassure you that there is no need for you to be disgusted about what someone thinks or will do for only God have the power to make things happen and every baby even fetus were put on earth because it is by God's will, then I couldn't see why people should worry. So always remember that you have God, and, course, trust God because nothing is above him is he exists.

P.S. I just happened to like the Democratic Policies better.

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Ana P. S. said...

I am not a know-it-all, nor would I claim I am right, I just also want to voice out my opinion, so hear me out as I do you. Okay, see yah peeps! Kind regards and take care everyone. Oh, isn't fun to always have something to talk about and even debate? I enjoyed my time sharing what I learned and learning about how you guys think. I will respect your belief may it be that you disagree with me because you are Republican or that you agree with me because you are a Democrat. I am not perfect in every way but I try my best to do what I know is right. I will to the best of my knowledge and ability make my blog as entertaining and controversial as possible...LOL. Nah, peace to all!

Anah said...

Hello Day Ana,

Regarding the topic of abortion, the ROE VS. WADE abortion ruling in 1976 was made with a condition. The condition was that if scientific evidence came out to prove when life began, then the ruling could and should be overturned.

This topic has nothing to do with Christianity, Democrat or Republican. Microbiology, basic biology and medical science have all proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that life begins at conception.

Any argument against this is going along the same line as to why the NATZI'S could kill the Jews. It isn't your life to take. Also, after conception it isn't your body, it's the body of the child. If you want something to do with your own body, that's called self mutilation or suicide.

The choice of the woman was in going to bed with the guy. What happens as a result is a responsibility.

Btw, I am not a Republican nor a Democrat. I do agree with you NAFTA and other deals similar to it have seriously hurt the United States employment force. However, you should know a detail or two.

a)The current economic crisis was created by actions of the democrat party tracing back to 1977.

b)This country is headed for bankruptcy because of the entitlement programs like Social Security that were created by and abused by the Democrats. This is all a matter of record.

Please do your research before your declare your positions. Yes, we are all entitled to our own opinion but please make certain that your opinion is based on actual facts.

In your entire long post the only thing you have argued for is something moral relativism and that is the opposite of what this country is founded on.

No offense ha =)

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by, sowee karon ra jud ko nakavisit nimo.

Take care,


Ana P. S. said...

Thanks for your feedback, Anah!

Now here is my reply ha:

1. Abortion: Many people see the "Life begins at conception" as only a technical term, but it doesn't mean that because it is the ruling, people will adhere or comply na. That is why I said that it is like drugs that even if it is made illegal; people will still break the rule. They think it is infringing on their rights and since it affects them a great deal (if their lives are at stake as it includes them), then, of course, it becomes their business to determine what is right for them. You see, it is only okay if the Gov. that made the ruling will back up the problem in the latter. Yes, technically life of another is not for us to take, but the downside is; if it is affecting us, there is no two ways about it-most of all for those who do not share our beliefs or values. People will not live where they are stuck in a situation against their will (except for the Middle Eastern women)-that is a known fact but not written or in a book though, so I don't have to do my homework there. In the reality even when the majority (particularly Christians) believes in "Thou Shalt Not Kill" murder still occur anyway. Drugs are illegal, too, for people to use, but hey, that being said "Illegal" doesn't stop them from buying or selling; using drugs. "A man is the king of his own castle that he gets to decide whoever comes and go in it." I see it as that some people days these are even losing their rights with their children just because the Gov./law enforcement people suspects abuse, but not thoroughly doing their job as to prove if the parents are indeed guilty or wrong. Sana naman before something like that is done, consider the situation na muna, and not over act that in the process they are putting the children in even more danger instead of in safety. When they do a lousy job like that, then the children suffer in the hands of the foster parents because they get (more often than not) sexually abused and/or murdered. It is like in the Philippines, people believe so much that with God it is to multiply not to prevent pregnancy by taking pills, I wish before that; they should consider naman the reality-the fact that what is the point to bring children into this world if what happens to them lang naman ay "Here today gone tomorrow"? They are born just to die lang naman right away because there is no food to feed them, so that is not smart either and more painful for me to think about. There are basic rules that don't/can't always apply or be used. To me it is us that know better and not somebody else that goes by the book or rules. Sometimes you can't give up when you still have something to give, you do what is good for the overall situation and what you think is right. The Nazi’s did what they were told-by Hitler, because Hitler had some insecurities-that is a completely different story, and certainly not under the same circumstances where people will suffer with Jews around...LOL. The Nazi is all about one (mean ruler) for all (killing people) and not all (affecting people) for one (a rule).

Note: I didn't share my opinion by basing it on what has been written or ruled even according to science, and if I ever choose to share the written facts, I will only do so if someone can actually make changes to them. I might be wrong according to the written facts or rules, but I reckon that I am not all that wrong with observing what is happening around me. I see the world for what it is as the reality tells me something is wrong.

Read the chapter 2 nalang below...

Ana P. S. said...

As for the NAFTA, I couldn't agree with you more about the Democrats causing it because it was created under Clinton's administration. That is one of the things that he did wrong, or turned out to be wrong after all. That is why America needs a CHANGE and that hopefully for the better with Barack in there hearing the American people not because of the rules but their needs. America may only go bankrupt though because of over spending like what Bush is doing; spending billions of dollars in Iraq-on a weekly basis pa nga daw eh. That alone can bankrupt the country and worse leave the country buried in debt especially to China. America is having a crisis from both parties causing the problem since the beginning of time in this country; it takes two to tango...LOL. Now it is a mess that Barack Obama-the new president-will have to clean up-if he can ever, and so on whoever runs for president next. We have never heard of the SS as a probable cause for America to go bankrupt-at least not yet. Could it actually or perhaps it is only a talk about so far? No one can really predict the future and yet there is one thing we all know that; for every problem we face we can always find a solution.
Speaking of the fact about how the country was founded on. Well, not too many people will keep a tradition that is not working. What I mean is that, it is like a religion that not everyone is Christian, so some rules must change in order to make adjustments in which others that don't fit in the category can be accommodated-we can't generalize as America is a nation of all nations, yep, with people from all over the world. It just so happened, that Columbus came here for religious freedom-that is all. Believing in witches as to; you can just accuse somebody or people for being witch/es and then they are burned alive, is no longer tolerated. So if it is not right, the rule that fit better or right will override it even if that is what this country was founded on. Nothing stays the same or will last forever, except diamonds daw eh...LOL. Let's just hope that America won't hit rock bottom before it's all over. Technically you are right, and yes, that is all in the record, but like I said, not too many people prefer with living by the book or rules that don't coincide with the reality.
Okay, I am only sharing my two cents here, that at least-even though I am not highly educated-I try my best to analyze things on my own. I mean I don't often see the need to do my homework in order to talk about things that in my opinion only takes common sense to figure out. Sometimes I rather prefer using my noodles to be able to tell what is right and what is wrong even if it is in the record. Although, I must agree that I need to do my homework when talking about things as to proving somebody wrong. I didn't say anything bad nor indicated or make allegations about Barack being a terrorist, etc. or McCain being a bad guy...LOL. Now, if I ever have to say something as serious as that, only then that I would take my time to do my homework. I can't be afraid of something I have no proof of. If something interests me that much I usually see to it that I know what I am talking about. I just thought that SS and other benefits are good for the people, so I find the Democratic Polices more compassionate or better for humanity. My argument or opinion is relativism based on unwritten facts, as I don't have to go by written facts to be able to differentiate things. I am only saying that the Democratic Policies are better-as far as I am concerned, and so with that, it didn't require me to provide actual facts.

Anah said...

Day Ana,

First, I to have re-read it kay hastang taasa gyud imong gi reply pero salamat pud sa imong pag reply ha.

Regarding knowing the future such as bankruptcy and Social Security, that is common knowledge in the USA. (Especially to anyone that has ever had a job, paid into it and gotten the notice every year that it will be broke.) It is backed up by the US Comptroller who is the main accountant of the USA. Social Security will be insolvent in 20 years or less. Basic accounting math tells us that. Spending more and more money on entitlement programs will only speed up it no matter what anyone's opinion is. Medicare will be insolvent in 11 years. In 20 years, the entire US budget will be spent on interest on loans, and Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid payments. There will be nothing left for defense, education, or any other crucial function. This is not opinion but pure mathematical or accounting facts. Spending more for any reason will only speed up the financial demise of the USA.

You're argument for abortion and the like is the stereotypical one of a Democrat position with the same crucial flaw.

In the disdain for Christianity, all structure is thrown out leaving barbaric anarchy. When things are left to the opinion of the individual, we are left with a major problem. By what standard then are things determined right or wrong?

Murder does happen but the chaotic stance of "a man is a ruler of his own castle" means if I decide that it is okay to murder someone else then it should be fine. That is where the logic of allowing the individual to do whatever they want to leads. This is a country based on the rule of law. No country can exist without it.

Our (America) laws are based on facts and things that can be proven. Accounting, proven scientific data, and the such, which can be proven to be true or not true, are the guiding principle. To ignore this and to ignore the foundation this country was created on is to turn ones back on the rule of law and advocate chaos. That stance is the stance of a fool as it is ignoring what history has taught us for the sake of feelings, emotions, and opinions.

Feelings and emotions cannot be the rule - ever. That will always lead to destruction.

As for Bush overspending, only Congress, starting in the House, can approve expenditures. That was done by the Democrat controlled House and Senate. You have spent too much time on your opinions and not enough on facts. Media is highly biased in the country din. You have to dig and find the truth. This country is on the verge of either economic collapse, social collapse or both.

The tension is between those who advocate things like you have and those who want to be left alone to live their lives within the boundaries of a structured society based on laws.

Anyway day, my reply is rather long. I'll stop now. Promised this will be my long reply. :)

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful evening,


Ana P. S. said...

The "bankruptcy" on Social Security and Medicare trust funds is only a calculated estimate since it has been the "hot topic" in Washington. The Gov. will take preventive measures to not allow that though-they will work hard on it daw.
As for "Abortion" there was a law before but it didn't work eh; too many women died from having illegal abotions. Even with drugs; the Gov. is only ending up spending more money trying to bust people-it never stopped anything.
As for overspending; only the President has the power to pass a bill-make it happen. There are people that knows more about what happened behind the overspending, but I don't want to go there because I want to put a stop to my argument here. I've gone on too long and since I have not done my research yet, I may not be able to keep up with you who already did. Some may say you have all your facts wrong, but we know better that Republicans and Democrats simply can't agree even on one thing, which is why our opinions are clashing. So, I wish we won't have to present facts to each other since we will only go on and on with trying to prove each other wrong. I am the only one who seems to have democratic principles here, and it is hard for me to have to present facts that will make me waste my time and dig into the past deeper and I see it unnecessary na. It is not important to me because nothing is going to change out of this argument of ours...LOL.
We can all believe in what we believe in and continue to do what we do, it's life. We just can't impose what we believe in on other people. All I can say is I have democratic principles, and you have your own. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the facts you know about. It's been informative for me to interact with you here, and I must say I enjoyed my time not only learning the views of others but sharing mine as well.

Anonymous said...

as for me, we should value life and we dont have to focus wheter ur a republican or democrat vote for life

Ana P. S. said...

I agree it's just that not everyone shares our values or beliefs. It’s the sad thing about other people; they don’t care. In fact, if they decide to murder you, you will be dead-it happened to my uncle. I look at life as the most important of all, it’s beyond compare. That is why I’d do everything to be alive, I love being here except seeing the violence. There are just instances that people couldn’t live with. It doesn't mean at all that because abortion is an open option; life means lesser or life is not valued. And certainly does not mean that people can start going wild. It is only an open option to not make things get even worse where not only fetus are gone but also mothers who had them-irresponsible ones at that. Without the proper procedures they also go. But in spite of what is legal and not legal, life will never mean any "less"-it will always top everything as we see it. We all know better when it comes to that matter. Okay, thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

i dont agree with what your saying. but you are entitled on your own opinion. c'mmon lets face the truth dont be fooled by barack obamas eloquent speechs, who by way donest make sense, just pure flowery words.. the best thing that you can do is to shup your mouth and TRUST GOD.

Anonymous said...

dont agree with what your saying. but you are entitled of your own opinion but please keep it to your self dear ok. c'mmon lets face the truth dont be fooled by barack obamas eloquent speechs, who by way doens't make any sense at all i mean AT ALL, just pure flowery words.. the best thing that you can do is to shut your mouth and TRUST GOD

Anonymous said...

maybe you should see things the way i see it..

Ana P. S. said...

Perhaps I should...LOL, but no. Not even in your dreams, dearie!!!! I simply refuse to share your kind of mentality. I tell you though that with all the atrocities I see in this world, I question if there really is God especially when I come across someone that talks like you...ahohohoy!!! You are supposed to be Godly yet just look at how you talk; you can only go as far as preaching...LOL. Shame on those of you that claim to be religious, then, when given a chance to act like an animal; you do so without hesitation. I don't want to see things the way you see them because I might just end up acting like you, too...LOL. The next thing I know I will be telling people to shut up and attack them just because they like Barack Obama...LOL. So what if I happened to like Barack Obama and his family? You are obviously speculating as if we only like him because of his eloquent speeches, which is quite shallow by the way. Anyway, aren’t you even afraid that God might just punish you? You are sinning! What do you mean shut up, because you said so? And just what authority do you have to dictate how I should express my opinions as well as feelings…hmmm? Now go and pray to God to ask him for forgiveness as you are imposing your belief on other people that don't think like you do. It's tiring you know to have to keep explaining just because people are so quick to judge and because they only know the surface. All I can say is, when it comes to facts; make sure you have all your facts right.

Anonymous said...

you girls just need to calm down. filipina's, so much passion sometimes with nothing positive to do with it. why do we need to see the conversation fall to such depravity? im a conservative believer but im willing to give president elect obama an opportunity. im a believer and an american first. the great american spirit of independence of in 1776 was the reply to the british "i have no sovereign but God, no king but Jesus." and i carry on that tradition today in my life as a citizen of heaven and the united states of america. an acknowledgment of a Creator is assumed in America's Declaration of Independence and the self-evident truths ascribed to humanity by their Creator are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness or the ability to own something personally. i heavily disagree with the president-elect's worldview but i will pray for him just the same as i prayed for president clinton and president bush. however, REALITY is this. we are all imperfect and all have been wounded by the world somehow or another. but at the end of the day pointing a finger or a pointed comment at someone else resolves nothing. my general prognosis on the course of human history is this as i have studied it. nations that acknowlegde our Creator and honor human life have prospered and succeeded, and nations that have failed on these two accounts have been obliterated by the sands of time or as I and the Founding Fathers called it, Providence. Everyone examine yourself before you point to the other and make sure its not really your thinking that is stuck in Darwins' itty bitty black box of humanism and despair. Who wants despair anyways? when we peel away all the deceptions and hurts in our mind we can then understand that Life is amazing and as beautiful as we allow it to be.

Ana P. S. said...

I have nothing against any religion and whatever people consider and worship as their God. However, I ask that they keep thy religion to thyself. That is it, if you believe in what you believe in, then hey good for you! How nice and enjoy it. I am my own person and I just want to live a happy life without people imposing their beliefs on me.
I don't judge a country by what the founders did and believed in because that was them-in the past, and this is me in my time-I worry about the present. Who really knows what made this country prosper and became a great country that it is, but for sure it takes cooperation to make something work; when people are civilized. Indeed, when there is a problem we are all in it together as divided we fall. So I hope that there is no more finger pointing because I am tired of hearing people say it's the Democrats' fault if not the Republicans' fault, etc. We all know better which is why this nonsense has got to stop. People can't tell me what to believe in because I can also see and think for myself. I am not a disable person that needs to be told you know. I am not hurting anyone either. What do they possibly know that I don't know, unless they met God and have been to heaven? Oppsie...I forgot they must be smarter than I am…LOL. People can criticize me all they want but that is not going to change anything because I am not blind and I am not very good with taking orders because I am better at giving them...LOL. I decide for myself and I just want to be left alone, that is all. Let me live my life the way I wish it. Who's right is it to tell me to believe or not to believe anyway? And who said life isn't beautiful and valued? I love life and enjoy it very much but there are people who can't mind their own business...LOL. I don't have to be religious to be a good person, okay? Alright then, this discussion is over because we have accomplished nothing positive other than waste time. It's just that I hate to read blogs with harsh comments about respectable people that don't deserve them. Most educated people don't come down to such level, so I am often surprise. This world is for all of us, that is why let's co-exists peacefully, eh. If we want peace then it is a matter of respecting one another's belief, view, and way of life. It is as simple as that! Goodness, why does everything have to be complicated?
Don't worry I am in the process of learning; I am studying the things I am interested in-I have a long way to go yet, I'll learn on my own though. Okay, thanks for your 2-cents! I don't know why you have to be anonymous when I can almost figure out who you guys are...LOL-it's funny.

jennyr said...

Ann, di diay ka motuo Ginoo? That explains your opinion but I am not judging you. I have met people like you. As for me, I believe in one God and even if I haven't met Him yet, my faith is my guidance in this world. Lahi2 lang gyud ta og tinuohan and we cannot say nga mali imoha mali akoa. It's all in how we see things that leads us to happiness, prosperity, wealth and all things positive...

Anonymous said...

your welcome ana for our two cents. we were not trying to antagonize you or criticize you. we appreciate your honest comments about how you feel and i think we can agree to disagree on all this. radically differing worldviews cannot be reconciled, that is why this election year has been so partisan and bitter in spirit. its pretty obvious what we are seeing is the development of two america's. one with faith-centered traditional values and one with worldly-based anti-traditional values. ana, i wish you were right that we could just coexist peacefully but unfortunately that will never happen; something has to give. america has had one civil war, perhaps we are on course for another. i believe this is unfortunate but true. its sad for me to think about, but i am glad to know that in the end Truth will win. that is why its important to pick our sides carefully, because whether we can see them or not, there are sides. so be glad everyone the outcome has already been decided, God wins. And God is good!

Ana P. S. said...

I don't want to decide whether I should believe or not, all I know is that I want to live my life the way I wish. My people are deeply religious and it's good for them if that is the way for them to be happy. There are so many people in other parts of the world that don't even know God, so, I don't know why I would be any different...LOL. I can't understand why it is so important for people to have to convince others to believe, what's in it for them by the way? Also, it just so happened, that Columbus was religious. So now what you are telling me is I actually have to take side? What is this dictatorship? Maybe you guys can try convincing the Muslims and other people that are not Christians to take your side...LOL. It's sad that the country has to divide because of religion, goodness gracious! It makes people sound like they are evil if they don't believe in God, that's silly! I can't say I don't believe in God, because I don't know yet, and I am not about to believe because you guys believe or found God, that is you. Believing depends on people, and I guess I am experiencing things that don't coincide with the say that there is God and I can also see what's happening that God has never taken time to interfere. I guess with me seeing is; believing. Anyway, speaking of war, it is not going to happen, because it sounds foolish. This world is much more civilized now, so it's far-fetch. The Philippines is even deeply religious but look at it, nothing is changed!
Now wait a minute here, aren't you guys judging me? Are you sure you are religious? I thought I'd ask because I find it comical to read comments saying I am stuck in the black box of humanism and despair...LOL. I am open-minded enough to look at both sides at least, so I will decide for myself if I should believe or not, so far I haven't decided. Okie-dokie, may we enjoy life without judging, prejudice, and imposing our beliefs on others. If you can’t co-exist then you obviously have a problem. God can be so cruel if that is the case that it is forcing people to believe.
Another thing; I was religious once like my people but it didn't make a difference, or maybe I am just too dumb to get it...LOL. Some people can say you guys are stuck in the fantasy world so it's time to get out of there and deal with the reality-live in the real world.
Okay, I no longer wish to go on any further with our discussions about God and Politics because I understand that we are not going anywhere. Nothing will be solved nor will change anyway. So I don't see any point of going on and on. Have a good one peeps!

Anonymous said...


jennyr said...

u've stated ur side very well an, just like i said no one is wrong or right on their for me, dli man tingali na sa akoa ang msg noh kay wa man tika gipugos motuo sa Ginoo,hehehe! I simply stated nga unsa atong panan-aw sa kinabuhi mao atong kapaingnan sa kalipayon og uban pa...relax2 gamay an, normal gyud na naa mocontradict sa mga opinion natu og tinuohan. bsta lang keep it cool...ayaw ko apila kasaba ha kung apil man okay ra pod nko...heheheh!SMILE =)

Ana P. S. said...

Ok then, we reached our agreement. I am a good person, nobody has to be afraid of me. I love people, but please be good lang!
La ka na apil, Jen. Your comment di naman forceful as to say mag take side ko. Naa ra na sa atoa eh ang pag believe, naa iba ibang paagi ba. Usahay with people believing in God; it helps them to be strong especially in times of need, happy dahil sa they have God. Good for them and I am happy that they are happy. I am for what makes them happy.
I am relax, I don't get mad, I just get even...LOL. Nah, I am open-minded to all, and all I want to see is people to be happy, wala ray imposing para 'lay trouble. Ok ah, let's keep it cool indeed. I have no problem at all. Kind regards to all. Thanks for all your feedbacks! I actually enjoyed reading them and responding...LOL. Peace to all ha!

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