Bias media and banning gay marriage issues

I have been watching the Fox News Channel from time to time to see if it is indeed "Fair and Balanced". Well, from what I can understand it is quite slanted as it does not live up to its mantra. So, you are right peeps, the media is bias indeed. I try to watch different News Channels and so far I can conclude that the Fox News Channel often has people that are mostly for the conservative Republicans. I guess I share Rosie O'Donnell's opinion there that Fox News is slanted propaganda. Bill O'Reilly alone can prove that since (more often than not) could not let someone finish his/her sentence...LOL. I was just watching him today discussing about "Same Sex Marriages" and wow, he didn't even let the guy speak up in the closing argument. He was siding with the religious people as he had the last words.
Anyway, you can't really follow your heart with people being so technical and critical. However, I always believe that sometimes there are things that require you to think with your heart instead of your head alone. Just like with gay people, I can understand them and know how they must feel being treated like an outcast. They are what they are inside and out; they feel it, they live it, and will die what they were born with. So, for me they should be entitled to equal rights. People are being so unfair. Why can't they be themselves? It is really ridiculous that people are imposing their belief on others like that, because obviously the majority that voted for banning Gay Marriage are religious people. That is why both gay and religious people are protesting and who knows if there will be riots soon. As far as I am concerned; I really have nothing against gay people. I am the kind of person that lets people be themselves. For me, if what they are doing makes them happy then go for it as long as no one gets hurt. I have no problem with gay people getting married because it is their choices. They just want to be happy you know just like everyone else. It is only wrong according to the bible after all but since we don't live in the bible, I couldn't see why people have to live against their will. Now will others that don't share the same belief have to live under the rules of the bible? There are so many religions and even Gods but Christian is seemed to be the dominating one-that is from what I can see. That makes people feel like they are in Jonestown...LOL.

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