Religion according to George Carlin

I never really knew George Carlin other than I saw his name attached to the inspirational quotes I read entitled "The paradox of our time in history". That is what I can remember about him because I thought he wrote it, but then when I looked it up online I found out that Bob Morehead wrote it-he is the original author. Well, I don't really know who's who there since that is only what I read. It got stuck in my mind that George Carlin was the author all along. Anyway, as for George Carlin, he just passed away-that was a few days ago, and I just discovered how great a standup comic he actually was. I saw him on TV when he was still alive but I didn't pay attention. I only know more about him now because my husband mentioned that one of the comedians he was following all through the years, died. What really made me a fan of George Carlin was when one morning my husband played a video of George Carlin on YouTube, and when I got to hear about what he was saying, he caught my attention. The longer I listened to him the more he made me realized that I should always use my noodle and don't take things literally. He definitely was the type of guy that made people come to their senses. So I thought while watching him, wow, this guy really tells it like it is. I admire his courage to speak his mind, being open-minded and brilliant enough not to take the easy way out, which means he was thinking for himself. Now, here is one of the video that makes a lot of people up and arms because of how he stood up for what he believed in that not too many people can be public about. It's not always likely that someone can get away with expressing what they really think saying things like he said because you find yourself out-numbered by those who are opposed to such matter being discussed openly and are closed-minded. As for me, I just find his comic acts funny and I think he was a fascinating man. It's too bad I didn't know about what he did and missed all his shows. However, I am thankful that I can still catch up and watch him on YouTube. I watched his video about what he thought of religion, so if you are curious about what he said, you may watch it, click "religion according to George Carlin", or watch it below. I can tell you, he provoked a lot of religious people. He was the man who can make you think and use your noodle. His topics are thought provoking that it brings you to start wondering if you have been using your noodle instead of accepting things as is and as told by others who thought of them for you. He was really comical, I find him funny because he knew how to get down to the point and get you to question things. His religion topic really made people pour in their thoughts and opinions including what they know about religion and God. They are debating big time and I had a kick reading what they all had to say. Some say that "religion is for those who can't think for themselves because they will believe in anything without taking time to question things". So you can read the religious people fighting against it-being defensive, because the others are saying "why prove something that does not exist". By the way, if you watch his videos, be warned that he speaks the street language-it's the blue collar comedy, my husband said so. Okay, before I get off here though, condolence to Mr. George Carlin's family. He left a daughter behind. He is gone but will never be forgotten by his avid fans through his shows. He will be missed for his realistic views and for his humor. He left a legacy that sets an example to people to always use their noodles.

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Anonymous said...

Atheism is the only open-minded "belief" that exists. That's because it /allows/ for anything to justify itself. No atheist says /nothing/ is impossible because science itself allows for any possibility. It gives everything a chance to prove its existence in this reality that we all must share. Anything else, so far, has been the product of indoctrination, "selective thinking", and a self-fulfilling allegiance to ideology; such is the epitome of closed-mindedness.

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