It's my niece Sarah's 2nd birthday

It's my sister Nora's little girl's birthday today. They are so busy celebrating right now. Oh, my niece with her is a big girl now. How time flies. She is looking cuter and cuter each year that passes. I really wish her a continued good health and long life. Hugs and kisses to her on her birthday. It's too bad we are so far apart because I would love to come and attend her birthday and, so can Nora and her family can join us, too. It is always nice to have family members living close by-like in our homeland. Life is so different here, it is never the same and nothing beats the fact that being in your own backyard is more comfortable. When our sister Gemma comes over here, she will also be living quite a ways away from both Nora and me. So, oh, it's unfortunate. It is definitely unlike at home where we can just walk the distance that separates us there, here if we have no money to be able to afford the high sky prices of gasoline we can ever go places. Not especially with visiting our homeland because it takes thousands of dollars. I can go if to say I decide to go alone, but goodness it is so dangerous, I might wind up getting murdered myself since those criminals that murdered my uncle are still at large. Anyway, I better save some of my ranting for next time. Right now, I just want to wish my niece a "happy birthday". Muah...!!!

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