How I see life in general

Today we went shopping and I was able to buy a few things for the 3 of us; my daughters and me. I bought a hobo bag-I like hobo bags, and a silk top for myself. As for my daughter I bought dresses and summer clothes for them. Oh, I really enjoy shopping every once in a while. It keeps me upbeat. I also like to go to the park and ride my bike, so I feel lively. Anyway, my life is not that exciting and I don't have a lot to say I can always have a good time but I try everyday. I enjoy life if I don't have a lot of problems to worry about. Sometimes problems bring me down, but then I get back up and recover quickly. Life is good if I can control my emotions not to rule my life. Now the blog quiz I took today just seems to describe how I feel about life in general. I think life is fun as long as you know how to balance things out. I want to live it up while I am here alive and well. Okay, this is all for now. See yah! I want to go to bed early from now on before wrinkles start to appear on my face. It can destroy my youthfulness...LOL. I don't want to grow old too soon, there are still so many things I haven't done yet, so I need to stay young and vibrant to be able to get the things I want to experience in my life. I realized that you can only seem to be happy if you are contented with what you have and what you can do. I try to practice that...LOL, that way I am more together. Nobody should live up to other people's expectations. Yes, I think so, we should ignore what they think is important and right, after all we can think for ourselves. We all know well what is best for us and nobody else. All they do is chit-chat but then what do they know...LOL.

Your Power Bird is a Cardinal

You believe that each day is precious, and you spend your times as best as you can.

You see the wonder in small things, and you are often content with what you have.

You life an interesting, colorful life - and you bring color to those around you.

Confident and expressive, you believe you know how to live a good life. You're living it!

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Anah said...

Hi Ana,

There is a saying that human has no satisfaction daw. Siguro depende din sa tao. I know how you feel, there are times na unta naa ko sa pinas where I can do what I want like mubaklay sa bukid, family outing etc. Kaso lng moving here, we have to do a lot of sacrifices. Good thing naa kay bisikleta para malingaw pud ka. Ako ani naa lagi pero ang ligid daut kaayo LOL so I am looking forward mupalit ug bag-o ba.

Anyway, nag bisita na pud ko dinhi to read updates from you.

Happy Tuesday diha and Take care,


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