I want to visit Spain someday

I am curious about the country of Spain because you know, Spain contributed to our Spanish heritage and culture. So, that alone makes it fascinating for me to be able to go see Spain, someday, if ever. So far I am finding out some information about where to stay and how cheap it is to take a leisure tour around wherever city people desire to explore or visit. See, there is a way that you can get around easily over there with being able to get a car for your transportation, affordable. Well, it is a relief to know about that for sure. By the way, I thought I would only see those roasted pigs in the Philippines, but I found out that such way of cooking actually originated in Spain. That is if I heard it right. Anyway, there are so many great foods to look forward to when you are talking about going to Spain. So if you are taking a trip there, be sure not to miss the cheapest car hire in Spain because it will save you some money. It is always better to save you know. You would not want to miss bringing home a souvenir. That is why you need to save when you can.

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Ylan said...

A lot of my coworkers have been to Spain already. Some are still there.. in fact, my bosses are Spanish... :)

grahamf21 said...

Spain is great, I've visited many time and have a timeshare apartment between Fuengirola and Marbella. This article on things to see in Spain has some suggestions. And here are lots more vacation ideas.

Good luck with your plans.


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