Pinakbet cooked just right

At last, I was able to cook the pork with mixed vegetables that we call "Pinakbet" at home. Wow, pinakbet is delicious, it taste great! I liked it a lot, and you know just today I was going to cook another batch of it, but then I forgot the main ingredient...LOL. I arrived home and prepared the vegetables then when I was about to cook them I remembered that I need pork. Oh, I forgot it, now I put off cooking pinakbet even when I was planning to have it for dinner. My husband was going to run to the store for me but then I became very busy voice-chatting with my father so I just said to wait and go tomorrow. Oh, well, things happen and today were one of my mishaps missing out on my tasty dinner. I will have to put my vegetables away for now. By the way, see below for my second try with cooking pinakbet. It's a yummy pinoy dish. I especially like the bitter gourd/melon because it makes me eat; the taste is perfect with everything combined. So here I go, sharing my pinakbet that I cooked nicely. I read a few recipes and combined all the ingredients I thought would be great and whalah...I cooked it to perfection.

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Lanie G said...

pagkalami ani An oi.. murag makaluto pod ko ani ugma dah.. naglaway ko heheh

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