Seated in the smoking section

We went to get something to eat the other day; fast food, and we planned to only order a take-out, but we ended up eating out. My husband didn't want to really stick around because he didn't like the way the restaurant look on the inside. He also had inkling that the food would not be as good as what he read based on a customer's review online. However, I always try to convince him to stay and try the food before drawing any conclusion. So we did and, well, he didn't like the food indeed. The waitress made a mistake with not asking where we would like to be seated; smoking or no-smoking, and she seated us in a smoking area. We didn't know that at the time, and we only realized it when we were about to eat and when someone mentioned about wanting to be seat at the no-smoking area. So we would have loved to move but it was too late, and my husband bothered with asking if smoking inside a restaurant will soon be banned in Michigan. The answer is a big "NO" which really made my husband disappointed and couldn't finish eating what he had on his plate. We had to leave then because people behind us were starting to light their cigarettes. We had children with us, so we didn't want to take the chance of having them breathe second-hand smoke. I also developed allergic reactions to the food I ate, and when I finished off the leftover I brought home it made my rashes spread. I didn't know that I was allergic right away as I thought I just had a bunch of bed bugs bit me but then it could have been the food. The cans of tea I drunk might have been the culprit to consider, if not then it was the food I ate. I still have my rashes, they look like heat-rash but they are big-they look like warts as they thickened. Oh, it really itch me just like when I had those rashes during my second pregnancy.

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Anah said...


Like you guys, we hated seating close to smoking area. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense baya if in one place kay non smoking ug smoking. When people smoke inside, mao ra gihapon- dapat e ban nlang jud sa restaurant.

Like one time, we asked the lady na sa non smoking - she took us naman duol sa smoking area. My husband walked away and we decided to go home nlang. So kabalo jud ko unsay feeling, makairita lalu na you have kids around eating pud.

I hope you are feeling better, ngano gi rashes man ka?

Ayo ayo diha!

God Bless


jennyr said...

oh yah, that sucks! we try to keep our kids away from smoke too kaya nga one reason nga dli ipadala skong bana sa pinas mga bata kse daw gasigarilyo c papa,hehehe! well, buti nalang sa davao strict na cla. halos wla na kaau ko nakita nagasigarilyo, ginatry gyud ni mayor to have a smoke free city!which is really good!

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