We are all feeling better now

It's been almost a week since I have not jot down anything on any of my blogs. Oh, we have been sick for weeks with stomach flu especially Tiana and Hannah. They both had it bad, so they lost quite a lot of weight. Thank goodness though that now they are feeling better. They are not vomiting anymore. They are eating well again, and hopefully no more getting sick. Perhaps it was from the fresh fruits and vegetables we ate some time ago like the tomatoes and mangoes. I got sick after consuming some atulfo mangoes, so I want to lay off eating them at this time. I also heard that tomatoes have been found to be the culprit because it has salmonella. It made a lot of people sick; causing diarrhea and vomiting. Anyway, I am glad we are over it now. We can enjoy the summer and go to the park. We go to the mall often to check out some on sale items and, of course, I always find something to bring home. We like eating ice cream and cotton candy each time we go to the mall. Our baby girl Hannah likes cotton candy. Okay, this is all. I am getting a little tired blogging since I don't have a lot to share and blog about. No pr no dough!

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Anah said...


Hanna is getting big, murag kanus-a ra to baby pics na gi post nimo. They grew like weeds jud! It's good to know you guys are feeling better na. Pag atong mga babies lagi magsakit sus nlang hastang kahasol jud.

Salamat sa visit ha ug walang sawang pagbasa sa akong mga rantings hehe.

Ayo ayo ka diha and hope to see you there often.



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