How I bought my laptop computer

I recently bought a laptop/notebook and so, here, let me share about how you should go about buying a laptop. It is actually easy if you know what brand you want and what you need, if not then you could use the notebook computer buying guide. Anyway, first hand you should already know how much you need of the following; disk space, memory, and screen resolution. See, with me I figured that I only need the basic which means I don't have to worry about getting an extra expensive laptop for what I need. Now if you want to be sure that you can buy the laptop you are dreaming of, shop around for it because usually there is always a sale just waiting for you. The thing that made me stop and think about the most was arguing in my mind about which is which better to buy, the pc vs. mac laptops would come to mind. My husband insisted that I should go for the PC because it is compatible with a lot of software and networking. The Mac is newer, so it is still getting around to people. So he added that PC would make a better choice for me. So I went ahead and purchased a PC with all the disk space I wanted and plenty of memory, and yes, I wanted the biggest screen resolution available in the market; 17" inch. There are so many things to consider before buying a laptop computer really, because you have to ask yourself about what you want it for, etc. Don't forget the brand you want to go for, because it also matters with giving you the style and precision you are looking for. If you are always on the go and want to carry your laptop with you, then I would suggest getting a smaller size laptop. I just don't like the $60 dollar monthly payment for the wireless internet connection if I want to be mobile with my laptop though...LOL.

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