Thinking outside the box

I have not been updating my blog a lot lately since I am getting bored and actually lazy. I am also thinking outside the box, what I mean by that, is that I am getting tired of sitting around the house not making any money. I need to have a steady income. My blog is fun but sometimes I am just too bored to be able to make any updates. You know I would like to get a job, but if not, then I would be interested in starting my own business right at home. That would mean that I may need a website. I know how it works now, so I could easily start an online business if I want to. Only I find it difficult to have to get a business license and have my work copyrighted like what my husband told me as he attended a business seminar before. I bet it is a hassle. However, if it means I will have some money coming in every month, I think I can manage. So I will have to see about getting a cheap web hosting package that fits my need. I usually look for the best price available online, and, course, it takes shopping around just like when I bought my computer. I had to do a research and read the consumer's review. If I ever need to have a website for the type of business I have in mind, I might just be able to afford it because I found a website where I saw some top rated web hosting sites. The customer's ratings and reviews really help. I would need a huge disk space and monthly bandwidth. The free domain included sounds good to me already.

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daisy said...

uy ano na nga negosyo An?

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