At last I am seeing people from my hometown

I am finally finding a number of people from my hometown at Friendster. Wow, how exciting. When I checked before I didn't find any of them, but now I do. The only problem is that they have changed so much; looks wise, that I didn't recognize some of them. So what I did was just come by their profiles and look around. When I see someone from my hometown that I don't recognize I would just wonder who it could possibly be. I am thankful though that they are friendly enough to add me to their circle of friends. However, I saw one in particular that used to be someone I considered a friend when I was a little girl, but then I don't know what happened that when she went away and came back she started picking on me. Fortunately, she was only my schoolmate and not a classmate...LOL, otherwise we would have had an eventual cat-fight in school. Now I am not sure if I want to be friendly with her and add her because of what she did to me. She was after me when I also came back to our hometown to continue my studies-we became schoolmates-thank goodness. She could have humiliated me publicly because of the mistake I made in grade school-elementary that she couldn't seem to outgrow and wanted to hassle me about it. I don't want to live in the past especially when I was only a little girl when it happened-but yeah; she was just being a bully to me. She was lucky enough that I grew to be a decent human being and not someone who gets violent and lash out on her for continuing to mock me. Anyway, I am not so please of people that can be so ignorant that way, and certainly not so fond of those who draw their conclusions without really knowing the facts. I get insulted when people just blurt things out and then they turned out to be wrong. Sometimes we can't really judge a person by how they act and look, because things aren't always as they seem. We can't judge a book by its cover, indeed. It is not good to just assume because you could be wrong and you will only humiliate yourself. If you don't know the situation, then it is better off that you say nothing at all. Yes, peeps...if you have nothing good to say then don't say anything at all.

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jennyr said...

friendster indeed keep us connected! no matter where we are now! that's why i'm active in friendster,heheeh! good to know u are enjoying it as well, ann...

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