The conundrum of blogs about books

Guest post written by Whitney Harris

I hate to admit that I read more blogs about books than books. I do love to read books, I always have. Some of my greatest memories growing up were going to the library with my mom and carrying a towering pile of books to our minivan, which I then picked through to decide just which book I’d start reading as soon as we got home. But then I grew up, life happened and I had less time to get lost in a book because of extracurricular activities, college and then later, work.

Then I discovered book blogs, which of course, made my “must-read” list grow by feet, but gave me an excuse not to actually read the titles because I already knew the main gist of them. I spend more time than I’d like to admit looking at them with my wild blue broadband internet. Yes, this totally defeats the purpose of reading, but when I do actually make the time to go and buy a book, I’ve vetted the title out of such a long list that I never end up hating it.

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