Dealing with toxic people

Working with the public makes me more aware of how people operate. What I mean is that not everybody can be polite. Unlike me I am always polite...LOL! I am fair and balance in all my dealings. I believe in fairness and equality. I am also tactful which helps people feel comfortable being around me. I am pleasant to work with and surely easy to get along with as well. Just don't betray me though because then I am as bad as I am good...LOL! You will find out that I do have a bad side...LOL! Nah...I am not scary. I only give silent treatment, yell at the top of my lungs if I have to and cry my heart out when I am upset...LOL! Anyway, let me pick up what I intended to write about, dealing with toxic people. Ah, I almost bought a book about "How to Deal with Toxic People". I thought I would need it, but nah...I think I have the energy to handle anything. I have thick skin after all; I mean face to withstand ignorant remarks...LOL! I got those remarks just from blogging and I survived it. I have nothing to fear nor to hide. Life is great when your conscience is clear. I am learning to co-exist with toxic people and try to avoid them as much as possible. What I basically need is to keep my mouth zipped up (shut); not to ever bother asking anybody a question especially if it is personal. I am learning my lessons and hopefully I am not endangering my job due to my curiosity. I realized how my curious nature could get me into all kinds of scrapes and troubles...LOL! I am better off saying nothing and just smile instead :).

I had just ate chocolates here but still managed to smile...LOL!

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