I don't want to sweat the small stuff

Changing my tune here...LOL! I actually bought a small book about learning not to sweat the small stuff. So that is what I have been reading lately and now trying hard to live and learn how to cope with the little imperfections in life. It is basically about being accepting of others and not make a big deal out of the little things that happens in daily life. I try not to be such a fussy person that takes things too seriously. Really, I am accepting and forgiving; I don't mind other people's imperfections (so surely, they can step on me all they want...aha-hah!). Well, kidding aside there, peeps! But I am learning that I should take everything as a lesson to learn from. We all live and learn anyway. We all need to suffer sometimes, right? It is what we call humility....LOL! Suck up whenever necessary...ah...LOL!
One thing I learned about working is that I must be humble and forgiving-if to say I really need the job...LOL! It is the truth! In the real world; if you hold an unskilled job, that is how you must conduct yourself. Now there are no two ways about it. That is as plain as I could put it. Working for somebody is one of the worst situations you can ever be in-and I found that out! The only way you can stay working is by being humble; you have to be the kind of person that has a lot of patience. Patience and humility are the keys to keeping an unskilled job. Reality can be brutall. It is the sad part of life which is why we must learn to cope with imperfections. Let's not sweat the small stuff! Being a better person is a choice-in my opinion that is! We decide!

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