We were followed home

What a scary incident that just the other day there was a vehicle tailing us. It was awful that somebody might have been following us all the way home. We came home late in the evening as we stopped to get something to eat (and that I chose to work the second shift). According to my husband it had to be somebody following us home; turning on every street we turned to (not to mention driving with the lights off and only turned them on when a vehicle came towards us and off again) until we pulled in our yard. It shook us up and it reminded me that we need to make sure we have a good alarm security system. It would even be better if we can afford to have a security video camera installed at our house. That way we can capture our stalkers or whoever is lurking around our property. The thought of being burglarized is really terrifying to us. We have small children that we have got to be more efficient when it comes to protecting our family. Sometimes just when we think we are safe that is when bad things start to happen. In fact, we were rubbed once (that was at our old house back in California, U.S.A.). Our garage was broken into and we did not hear a thing at all even when our room was just next to our garage. That was something and it is amazing how careful the rubbers were not to make any kind of noise. Now we are worried that we could get rubbed again. We better see about security systems and be sure to find one that offer the best security coverage in our area. We also need to review an online home security backup battery and equipment guide so we are more prepared for emergency instances. I would not want to live where I do not have a security system. I can only feel safe and secured when I know my home is protected. My family comes first.

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