Need to save money seriously

Hi everyone! How are you? Hey, I have been busy working and following up on my school. I will be a student this Fall and I am excited about this new phase of my life. School is fun for me and I hope it will be even if it means hard work, etc. I just like to get out there and meet new friends. Well, I don't really have friends; I mean best friends since I have not been very social. I would like to go out and hang out with friends but I am always causing inconvenience. I feel like I am an extra baggage to whoever I meet and become friends with because I don't drive yet. What a bummer and I will have to see to it that I save money. I will need to save money seriously. So if only I can learn to lay off shopping I could make it happen. I have got to because that is the only way I can gain my independence. It's actually that I won't be so dependent on others. I like to be self-sufficient. Financially I am more independent. I don't wait for someone to give me money but get out there and earn it when time permits me. Nobody really ever gave me money in a large amount just so I can shop. If ever it is borrowed rather than given to me. Now that I have all the time in my hands I am finally working and earning the money I need to be able to splurge. I like having money only I have trouble holding on to it for long...LOL! I need self-control and will-power to be able to save because I am definitely not a saver. Indeed money burns a hole in my pocket. Blah! I want to be rich!!! LOL!

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