Why Summer is Perfect for Baseball Lovers

This was written by guest blogger Steve Koleman

For many sports lovers, summertime is not boring time for sports. Football doesn’t start for another 3 months. Basketball season is over, and the Summer Olympics happen only once every four years. For me however, the summer is the best time for watching sports-especially major league baseball. Yes, during those blistering days of summer, there’s nothing better than sitting in the cool air-condition house, enjoying a beer and watching your favorite team play America’s favorite pastime. What makes baseball so great is the tradition, and excitement that goes with every single pitch. Unlike basketball, or football, one pitch, one catch, one hit can change an entire game.

Living here in Kansas City, I get to see all the Royals play on local television. However I was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, so I’m a diehard Atlanta Braves fan. I’ve loved the Braves since I was a child, and grew up cheering for them and doing the “Tomahawk Chop”. Since the Braves aren’t shown locally, I catch a lot of their games on satellite tv. So while NFL fans are counting the days before football camp, and NBA fans are missing the basketball season, I relish the summertime because for once, I can concentrate on watching the best team in the world (Atlanta Braves) play the greatest sport in the world (baseball).

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