Taking it easy and preparing for school

Indeed! I quit my job and ah...I am taking it easy...aha-hah! It's time for a break, right? It was my last day at work today. Yep...I put in my 2 weeks notice and leaving in good terms. Well, maybe this is a good thing since I can prepare for school. I have got to take time to get ready here-I have a couple of weeks. Now as for mah job. Ah, I got to experience what it's like to be working here in the U.S. of A. after 11 years...LOL! That is a long time but hey, it was all well worth it staying home for my children. They come first and as long as it was possible for me to be there for them. So yeah, I worked as a Cashier for a while until I decided to quit due to some circumstances (stress related) that would greatly interefere with my studies-I think so anyway. I don't want to be under-pressure while I am in school. I need to be able to concentrate. However if I find it easy enough to study English (that I won't have to read thick books), then I would want to have at least a part time job. I will be more careful as I learned my lesson about the "what and what not". Experience is the best teacher. Holding an unskilled job is not easy and that is when reality sinks in. I realized just how important having an education really is. I will need to take school seriously because even if I have to put up with a lot at least I am being paid higher than the minimum wage. Wish me luck, peeps!

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