Short recaps of my past activities

I miss having a job but I must wait until I find out if I actually have the time to work. If studying the highest level of English>for academic purposes] is not so hard, then I would absolutely want to get a job. I want to make extra money. It was fun while it lasted when I was able to make extra money. Ah...the non-stop shopping...LOL!
By the way, I am starting to sell the good stuff I bought some time ago. I hope they sell, so I can keep selling. I will need to save the money this time. Well, that is unless I find a way to buy and sell for profits which might just happen if I find a connection. I need someone who makes things and then I can buy them wholesale and sell them for profits. That sounds like a good business stand point.
As for my school, I will be going to school this September 22nd. I actually thought I had to go so soon like on August 22nd because I initially enrolled to take the lower level of English for I was left out (I did not want to be on the waitlist). However, later on I found a new schedule for the level of English I qualified to take and was able to drop my class to register for another. Whew! That was nice. So I am so glad it worked out fine. Now I still have almost a month to study hard and make it in school...LOL! I hope!
And hey! I also had a new hair-cut! I had my long hair cut off. Now my hair is as short as when I was 15...LOL! I planned to have it cut even shorter but it didn't happen like I thought it would. It will grow back and that is when I get another hair cut. I hope to have a long hair by next year. No more short hair after this. Ok, this is all for now. C-yah!

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genial said...

knowing our own passion is amazingly nice... continuing your study is a great way to success..
is that your new hair cut on your primary pic ?!?!? that's nice :)

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