No snowman for us this winter

I went out to make a snowman when it snowed the last time, but unfortunately, the snow wasn't wet enough for me to be able to make a snowman. I formed a small snowball and rolled it over and over but it didn't get any bigger. So, that was disappointing. We got sick during the time when it snowed heavily and couldn't get out of the house to make a snowman. This winter we didn't get to enjoy the snow. Oh, well, we have to see if we can make a snowman next year. For now I'll share a picture of Hannah our little one and me that my husband snapped while we tried to make a snowman. The picture was taken in our backyard. I tried to throw snowballs at Tiana but she didn't like it...LOL. She wasn't in the mood to play I guess. It's too bad my husband is not patient with taking more pictures; I only have one picture to share here.

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