Ease of hiring and job hunting

This reminds me of when my husband used to receive notifications about job openings so he could submit his resume. He worked for many big corporations until he retired. However, being older did not help him find a job at all, and he did not get a job most of the time if not because of the recruiters helping him. What I am talking about is if you are looking for a job, you can go to a recruitment agency to do the job hunting for you. Recruitment agencies or people who recruit for employment are called "Headhunters". Now if you are among the many who are struggling with finding a job, you might want to look into this Executive Search Firm because it is about a website that has a list of employment agencies/recruiters and employers looking to hire. It is actually quite easy because all you have to do is look for the right recruitment agency/recruiter and submit your resume then sit and wait for the call. You get a call as soon as a job becomes available, you will usually hear about where it is located, etc. That is how my husband made his way into working at Boeing Co. and other major corporations he used to work for-being a Design Engineer. Imagine you don't have to sweat it out trying to scan different sites and articles just so you can find a job because your recruiter will do it all for you. Anyway, that is just another way to get around some of the hassles that involves in job hunting. There are many recruiters just waiting for you to contact them and let them know you are looking for a job. The recruiters know the way as employers usually go to them for convenience of hiring. As for the employers, you might want to consider how a recruiter can help you find the right people to work for you. Known for his professional expertise in the area of executive search firms and recruitment, recruiter Dennis C Carey is the expert when it comes to finding the best managers for your company. Know more about the profile of Dennis Carey here.

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Funny Interview Video Contest said...

Interview Tips

*Don’t come to the interview drunk and then proceed to pass out

*Don’t bring your mom, children or pets

*Tell your interviewer how you love to sing opera, then bust out signing acapella

*Don’t tell any racist jokes

*Do not submit an “Impossible is Nothing” type video resume (if you don’t know what we are talking about please Google it…it is quite entertaining)

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