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Our new desktop computer is slowing down and I am wondering if it is full of registry errors. From what I learned a new computer can slow down overnight due to registry errors-yep, before you even know it. So, that is probably what we have in our computer. Also there have been a number of times that I tried downloading a URL of a certain file and all I get is error saying "it is not a supported file type, format, or extension". It is really disappointing in a way since some of the files I have been trying to access are important to me. By the way, if you share my computer problem, let me refer you to a website with helpful information about different types of file extensions. For one, what I am referring to here is the file extension torrent which is identified with the BitTorrent file and is categorized under the misc files. Now what I am going to do first is scan our computer for registry errors and hopefully I will finally be able to open torrent files in Windows. Well, unless otherwise our computer is missing the appropriate application to support torrent files. If not, then it would have to be with the registry errors causing our computer to slow down and corrupt files; I mean the registry errors can interfere with downloading or opening a file.

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