Learn how to invest by doing it virtually

My husband and I talks about investing as a way for us to generate extra income. However, he is worried that it is a much too risky business to get into because we could lose thousands of dollars. He doesn't know a lot about how financial trading works, so it would not be so wise to plunge ourselves into such without at least knowing the basics. Indeed, we would only end up losing money because we have no idea how investing really works. I plan to learn though so maybe someday I can make my money grow. I like how I can make a profit although it is gambling since I can either win and double my money or lose it all. By the way, I found just the game to learn how to invest. Perhaps my husband will be interested in giving it a try as well. This game I am talking about is for everybody who wants to improve their financial trading skills. So, I am looking forward to playing it because it will give me/us a good start as to how to manage and build virtual stock portfolio just as if we are actually doing it in real life.

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plin said...

practice investment strategies with virtual portfolio is definitely a good idea.

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