A biker community for all bikers

This is so nice because bikers actually have a website where they can interact and share information about what they do, etc. Well, I happened to have a brother in law who is a biker. I think the website is perfect for him where he can join the fun. He can even share what he is up to including his hobbies and interests. By the way, if you are a biker, too, be sure to see about this biker community because I assure you, you can meet other bikers who shares your interests. You can also share your thoughts, stories, videos, music, photos, and even publish classified ads there. So, there you have it, don't miss out on the fun! Get in involved in the discussions, be heard and be counted. Find out which group of bikers you belong to. The website is very entertaining; I mean interactive and fun. You will like such cruiser customizing community for sure.

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jimcb900f said...

I am a member of and have met up with people from there. I have exchanged shirts with a member from Scotland. Its a great site.

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