Nadya Suleman is lucky

Indeed, lucky to be living in America and not anywhere else, especially like in China. In China families are only allowed to have 2 children; otherwise face the ever harsh consequences. So, she is quite lucky to be getting away with what she did in spite that she has no means to support all her 14 children financially. She just happened to be in a country where people don't have to starve to death because every citizen's welfare matters. That is what I like about America because no one is left out in the cold to die. I am glad that the elderly people have social security benefits because most of them really need it. I also like the fact that temporary benefits are available for people who are struggling to survive and those who lost their jobs due to the perilous economy. I am all for the good of humanity. Anyway, let me go back with talking about the octomom madness here. I am one of the many people who could not figure her out for wanting to have more children that she cannot support financially. What was she thinking? I think that is being self-absorbed. She was only thinking of her wants, etc. The fact that she wanted to have a big family, but goodness, not considering what can happen if she has too many, is absolutely wrong. Some people actually talked about taking some of her children away and put them up for adoption. It's a good thing that there are people kind enough to help her out. She is being rewarded for her insane decision. Wow! People are being rewarded for their bad behaviors. Nadya Suleman should do it again...LOL! She has two more children left to bring into this world with the help of IVF process. That is what God multiply, but it should be more to the point saying "only multiply if you can afford it". For goodness sake! There should be a limit to how many children you can have depending on your financial status. People should only be allowed to have a number of children that they can support financially. Everyone needs to be responsible. Octomom there perhaps thought that she would be famous if she had 8 babies and her wish was granted only a little more than she had had anticipated. Well, we all have to deal with the consequences of our actions don't we? That is what welfare and other free entitlement programs are doing to people now. I am not against helping others but if it is being abused that way, then it is not good. Social security benefits and other temporary assistants are fine because for one, Social Security benefits are earned unlike welfare and so on. I like the Social Security because I am able to put in for it and claim it later when I retire. I am not so good with saving money on my own because when I see money I have to spend it...[blush]...being that I am not much of a saver. So, the Social Security is a better way for me to do it. It is like an insurance policy, it is better that you have to pay monthly rather than trying to save the money on your own. Let others save it for you instead because then you can't spend it. That is when Individual Retirement Account (IRA) comes in.

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