Chris Brown and Rihanna Fenty

I am hearing a lot of people talking about Chris Brown and Rihanna Fenty. They are back together again after what happened. Perhaps it is because of the LOVE that they feel for each other. My! People do foolish things when they are in love indeed. Take it from Chris Brown and Rihanna Fenty because in spite of everything that went on, their love seem to have conquered all, or so it seem anyway. If it is not love, then it would have something to do with saving Chris Brown, being that he is subjected to a 4 year prison time. I mean he is in serious trouble and as a well known celebrity, he couldn't possibly just waste 4 years; spending it in jail. Also, aside from that, some people are speculating that Rihanna could be pregnant. So, who knows? They even said that they might have gotten hitched already for Chris's sake...LOL. Anything for you baby love! Whoa! Oh...well, hopefully they will be able to settle their differences for good. So far, it looks like they are trying. No one knows yet what can happen between them. Everything I heard is out of speculations and so, let's see what's next. I just wish them both well and for Rihanna to learn her lesson not to get in such violent argument, again; otherwise she could get it worse. Goodness, most young people have bad tempers. And with Chris Brown, he needs to get a hold of himself because what a waste for him to be throwing his career out the window. He is so young and he should be taking advantage of the time to make money instead of ruining his reputation, which is, of course, smeared now. Although there is a saying that goes "No news is good news". Can a bad publicity actually help? Not to me! But then the loyal fans are willing to stick by their beloved super star idols. By the way, I think Chris Brown and Rihanna Fenty are good looking. I like Rihanna's sharp features, she is really very pretty.

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Merydith said...

I like them together baya An. Hopefully they will work it out.

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